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Multi-Currency Account

The MoneyPolo Multi-Currency Account offers truly international money transfer services with all major currencies supported in just one online account.

Enjoy unrestricted access and unlimited balances, low costs, real time updates on exchange rates to ensure the most cost-effective transfers, fast and secure in/out money transferral options.

One account is all you need for operating in countries you are in, or going to expand your business to, or countries that you and your family work or live.

Use our multi-currency account as a common bank account with Internet banking and electronic account statements as standard. Moreover, receive favourable exchange rates compared to the current market, and accurate information about fees for international money transfers in advance.

Unbeatable offer from MoneyPolo.
Unlimited SEPA payment for a commision fee of €1 for incoming transfer and €5 for outgoing operations.

Why use the MoneyPolo Multi-Currency Account?

  • The most convenient international online money wiring service.
  • No need to maintain different foreign currency accounts.
  • All-in-one solution – payments in 128 currencies reaching 175 countries.
  • Receivables in 20 currencies automatically deposited to your account.
  • 24/7 online access to your finances.
  • Excellent exchange rates and efficient execution of transfers.
  • Easy payment history monitoring and review.
  • Electronic account statements.
  • Cost of wire transfer paid by sender or recipient, or shared between parties.
  • Load with cash or bank transfer.
  • Same-day orders executed via SWIFT.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Saves time and money.
  • The ideal solution for big/small value and one-time/repetitive cross-border payments.

Make full use of the MoneyPolo Multi-Currency Account and register here >>>

You can start using our international payments service as soon as you have registered by completing our simple online registration form. We would also need your details in order to meet regulatory requirements and to help us communicate with you. After a verification process, you can start experiencing all the benefits of the MoneyPolo Multi-Currency Account.