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With MoneyPolo Bitcoins
are even more convertible.
  • Any VISA/MasterCard card withdrawal for 3%
    Any VISA/MasterCard card withdrawal for 3%
  • Cash transfer from 0,6% to 130 countries
    Cash transfer from 0,6% to 130 countries

MoneyPolo: bitcoin at your fingertips

MoneyPolo offers various money transfer options for Bitcoin traders. According to statistics released by the World Bank, MoneyPolo is among the best companies providing the fastest money transfer services globally.

A handy way to collect your bitcoin trading revenue

  • Converting Bitcoin into desired currency (EUR, USD, RUB, CHF, CAD or JPY)
  • Using all features of MoneyPolo Bitcoin friendly account: e-money, domestic bank payment, cash transfer)
  • Transferring money from a MoneyPolo account to any MasterCard or VISA card issued worldwide for a fee of merely 3% of the amount transferred.
  • Loading your own MoneyPolo prepaid MasterCard or VISA card

This concept also applies if you have account with another cryptocurrency exchange platform and wish to exchange your Bitcoins.

  • SpaceBTC
  • ExMo
  • Coinmate

Cryptocurrency is an important tool – it’s the future; not only because of cryptocurrency as such, but also because of the technology that we use for quick transfers of funds between people.

Nikolay Rozhok, CEO of MoneyPolo
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