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There is no need to spend more.
Several times cheaper fees than other cash transfer services and banks.
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    * Please note that the calculated fee is valid only for transfers proceeded online. The commission for transfers sent from a MoneyPolo branch starts from 3%. The exact fee will be calculated during the transaction.
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Cash Transfers

Allowing people with varying interests to send and receive money with ease, comfort, and savings.

  • Cash transfers within 15 mins
    Cash transfers within 15 mins
  • More than 130 countries worldwide
    More than 130 countries worldwide
  • Via more than 400,000 branches
    Via more than 400,000 branches

Online, via mobile app, through partner networks, MoneyPolo branches, and payment terminals, and all tracked with instant SMS updates.

Why use MoneyPolo Cash Transfer?

  • The most convenient and advantageous international cash transfer service.
  • Transfers available in USD and EURO, and your local currency.
  • Choose the method you prefer – online, mobile app or branch.
  • Unbeatable fees.
  • Instant fee estimation when choosing the destination of transfer.
  • From/to anywhere in the world.
  • Fast – available in minutes.
  • Safe and discreet.
  • MoneyPolo works with both the biggest regional and global money transfer systems, like Unistream, Contact, Golden Crown, Blizko, Donga Bank, SacomBank etc.
  • Worldwide multilingual support via telephone and email.

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