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Flexible, affordable, universal, and with Pay-As-You-Go options as standard across all products, there is a 5 star MoneyPolo product for you.


  • I just got this clip from my team about MoneyPolo as the first choice for remittance from Czech and Europe to Vietam. I’m so happy seeing that and being one of your partner in Vietnam.

    Trịnh Hoài Nam, 29. 04. 2016
  • I love the MoneyPolo card! Being able to transfer money from my e-money accounts directly onto my card makes life an absolute breeze.

    Nicholas, 14. 09. 2015
  • They work hard, play hard, and look good.

    Peter, 30. 09. 2015
  • Managers with great interpersonal skills. Dealing with MoneyPolo is a pleasure.

    Pavel, 27. 07. 2015
  • Regular and reliable payments are integral to the reputation of our company. MoneyPolo guarantees we can keep our promises. Excellent service and support.

    Diana, 16. 04. 2015
  • When I crashed my rental scooter on holiday last month and destroyed my phone, I couldn’t get the sms verification key to access my account to pay for the damage. The online MoneyPolo support team got back to me in a matter of minutes, securely verified my identity, and sorted out my payment to the scooter company. Totally awesome. I wish the support team could have spoken to my parents as well. ;)

    Nguyen, 15. 02. 2015
  • Since I work all over the world I did a lot of research to find the best financial solution for me.
    The more I read about MoneyPolo, the more I liked what they offer and the fact that they're highly regulated by laws was very assuring.
    The webpage is nice, clean and easy to navigate, I wish all webpages and bank pages were like MoneyPolo's.

    Angelica 06. 10. 2015

Fast, affordable and secure, MoneyPolo is the ideal choice for a flexible financial life, regardless of business, income or location.

Why us?

MoneyPolo is a young and dynamic financial communicator dedicated to delivering affordable service to customers all over the world.

We believe in making your money work for you, your families, your businesses and your customers, in the most efficient and hassle-free way possible. So, you can get on with what is most important in life. Find out more about the MoneyPolo story.