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Our projects

MoneyPolo is dedicated to active participation in expat communities across the world. We regularly run a diverse series of events including talent shows, and sports competitions, all to highlight the extraordinary talents and skills present within local migrant communities.

MoneyPolo is also a proud donor and sponsor of the DebRA foundation, a well-known charity that raises funds for children suffering from rare tissue diseases.

MoneyPolo Talent

MoneyPolo Talent

MoneyPolo Talent events provide the opportunity for unique and talented individuals within expat communities to share their extraordinary skills with the world. There have been three MoneyPolo Talent events so far, all different in format, but all united in shining the spotlight on the talents of performers with a migrant background.

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  • MoneyPolo Mongolian Talent

    Mongolian Talent

    The first MoneyPolo Mongolian Talent event, in cooperation with the Mongolian Embassy in Prague, took place between April and May, 2014.

    The event was a huge success. With over 13,000 votes cast and a highly competitive field, drawing a huge amount of attention to one of the smallest minority communities in the Czech Republic, a winner was finally chosen – Czech National Circus contortionist Khaliunsuren Naranhu.

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  • Miss MoneyPolo

    Miss MoneyPolo

    The MoneyPolo-sponsored Miss Vietnam Czech Republic Open for Europe contest ran between August and September 2014.

    The winner of an online voting, beautiful Le Ha, was awarded Miss MoneyPolo crown and walked away with a host of prizes. 54,000 votes were registered from more than 80 countries worldwide.

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  • MoneyPolo 12

    MoneyPolo 12

    The MoneyPolo 12 Talent competition is currently running, and is open to exceptional citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. One candidate from each participating country will be selected. Voters can choose and vote on performers’ profiles online, and the winner will receive a grand prize and the chance to fulfill their dream.

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Charity Aid Donations


MoneyPolo is supremely proud to have been named Partner of the Year for 2014 and 2015 for outstanding cooperation with the DebRA charity foundation. DebRA does incredible work for the treatment and welfare of children with incurable diseases. Among a great deal of causes, DebRA organizes travel and treatment programs to the Czech Republic for sick children living abroad in Ukraine and Russia.

At MoneyPolo we do all we can to support the great work they do with regular donations and charity drives at MoneyPolo events. MoneyPolo also supports the Klokanek Orphanage in Prague for abandoned children and orphans. We regularly collect supplements, clothes and toys from MoneyPolo customers and employees.

Sports event sponsorship

  • Mongolian Spring Fest

    Mongolian Spring Festival

    MoneyPolo is the proud sponsor of the annual Mongolian Spring Fest, traditionally celebrated with wide participation in football, basketball, volleyball and chess tournaments. The MoneyPolo CEO Most Valuable Player prize is up for grabs for the best performer across all the competitions.

  • MoneyPolo Football Cup

    MoneyPolo Football Cup

    The MoneyPolo Football Cup is the annual opportunity for MoneyPolo partners to meet and compete for the MoneyPolo Football Cup trophy. If you are a MoneyPolo customer, and like the idea of getting involved, you can! We are proud to have a MoneyPolo customer team participate every year as well.

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