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Payment Solution
for Freelancers

Send and receive
instant payments
worldwide with us.

Managing payments in different currencies from different employers or payments to freelancers who are thousands of miles away?

MoneyPolo allows you to conveniently send and receive funds via a payment account linked with a prepaid card or e-wallet, cash transfers processed at our branches, online, or via mobile application.

The MoneyPolo all-in-one solution guarantees your payments are always secure and right on time when you need them to be.

Features of this solution:

  • Payment Account

    Payment Account

    The MoneyPolo Payment Account is a convenient and reliable method to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world in any currency, as well as to pay your bills and invoices while avoiding costly bank charges and monthly fees.

    Additionally, you can link your account with several MoneyPolo prepaid cards in a variety of currencies. Experience the advantage of our PAY-AS-YOU-GO as applied to all MoneyPolo products.

    After registering and getting verified with MoneyPolo, you can easily access your MoneyPolo Payment Account online from anywhere at any time.

    You can pay your invoices and bills, make domestic payments, top up your mobile phone, manage your MoneyPolo prepaid cards, and even top-up any VISA or MasterCard cards issued anywhere in the world.

    As an advanced user you will appreciate flexible payment schemes and the ability to budget and control project expenses.

  • Prepaid Cards

    Prepaid Cards

    MoneyPolo offers a prepaid card solution that is available in 3 currency options – USD, EUR and GBP on the VISA system and USD on MasterCard.

    Our prepaid cards are accepted in more than 185 countries worldwide and can be used for in-store and online payments, as well as for cash withdrawals in over 1.5 million ATMs all over the world.

    MoneyPolo prepaid cards work like any other payment cards, but with no interest or unexpected bank fees to pay. You only spend what you have loaded on to the card.

    Our prepaid cards are discreet and secure, and are not linked to your bank account.

    You can enjoy a variety of card options, from a disposable virtual card, to physical embossed cards that will last you years.

    Furthermore, for long-term contractors and more advanced users, making instant and inexpensive payments from a main card to several companion cards directly is no problem at all.

  • E-Money


    MoneyPolo offers an easy and fast way to top-up or withdraw in cash your money stored in e-wallet accounts. Simply link your Qiwi, Webmoney, EgoPay, CashU or OKPay wallet to a MoneyPolo payment account to be able to convert your electronic money into physical money.

    Use it with your MoneyPolo Payment Account or send it to your MoneyPolo prepaid card, or vice-versa, both safely and securely.

    MoneyPolo allows contractors to manage the payments from/to various e-money systems in one place easily and cost effectively. You donĀ“t have to worry about different e-money preferences of the people you work with.

    Our multiple choice e-payment features integrated into MoneyPolo payment accounts simplify your payment processing and save you time.

  • Direct Money Transfers to VISA, MasterCard or China UnionPay Cards

    Direct Money Transfers to VISA, MasterCard or China UnionPay Cards

    Just a valid card number and expiry date are enough to make a USD, EUR or RUB transfer from your MoneyPolo account to any card worldwide. Money will be credited to the card within three working days in the card’s local currency.

  • Cash Transfers

    Cash Transfers

    MoneyPolo enables low cost cash transfers within 15 minutes to more than 130 countries worldwide, through more than 400,000 branches.

    All transactions can be made online, via our mobile app (available on Google Play), and through our partner networks, MoneyPolo branches and payment terminals, and all be tracked with instant SMS updates.

    All for several times cheaper than with other cash transfer systems and banks.

Why freelancers use MoneyPolo

  • Competitive


    Our pricing is highly competitive, reliable and fully transparent.

    We remain cost conscious, and take an efficient and cost-effective approach to all aspects of our work.

    With no hidden fees and an advantageous pricing structure, we strive to make your financial life as efficient as possible.

  • Worldwide


    We provide a wide and convenient network for deposit and withdrawal available to users all around the world.

    With more than 400,000 branches worldwide, access to over 1.5 million ATMs, the flexibility of transactions in 128 currencies, you need never worry about where in the world you need your money to be or your business might take you.

  • Safe and Trustful

    Safe and Trustful

    The MoneyPolo Brand mark is a registered brand mark of the Mayzus Financial Services Ltd incorporated in the United Kingdom (6721866).

    We hold our customersĀ“ finance in trust accounts, so your money is always safe with us.

  • User friendly technology

    User friendly technology

    Our secure and personalised payment solutions system, through our integrated payment service API, is already connected to many other third-party systems worldwide.

    You benefit from our user-friendly multilingual web interface and unique mobile application. With all the services accessible from your desktop or mobile device, MoneyPolo truly is your one-stop shop for modern payment solutions.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Fraud Prevention and Personal Information Protection

    We make use of extensive secure payment systems, including 128-bit encryption technology, ID verification, real-time transaction monitoring and many more, to ensure protection against fraud and safeguard customer account information.

    At MoneyPolo, your discretion and security is of utmost importance to us.