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MoneyPolo is a brand owned by the British company Mayzus Financial Services ltd.

The MoneyPolo Brand mark is a registered brand mark of the Mayzus Financial Services Ltd incorporated in the United Kingdom (6721866).

CEO: Nikolay Rozhok
Companies House registration number: 6721866
Tax number: 2759517895
Registered company address: 42 Upper Berkeley, St. Marylebone, London W1H 5QL
Address in Germany: Herzbergstr.128-139, Gebaude 2, Raum 205, 10365, Berlin, Deutschland
Tel: +49 152 153 45558
E-Mail: email
Bank: Commerzbank
Beneficiary IBAN: DE35 8504 0000 0111 6912 00
Beneficiary Bank Address: Altmarkt 7, 01067 Dresden, Germany
Account Number: 111691200

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