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If you prefer dealing with cash, our service is the option to go with.

Make money transfers the convenient way! Send funds from dozens of branches across the Czech Republic and pick up cash in just 15 minutes. Safe as a bank, but notably more cost-efficient!

Money Transfers from the Czech Republic via PrivatMoney - is your chance to win a 500 UAH certificate!

Time for this action is limited from 15th November 2019 till 31st December 2019


PrivatBank is giving away 10 money certificates, each for 500 UAH. All you need to do is to receive a PrivatMoney money transfer (from 50 USD) to your PrivatBank Visa Card, that has been sent through MoneyPolo Europe s.r.o.

Who is participating in action?:

All PrivatBank Visa Card holders in Ukraine that will receive a money transfer to the card.

How to participate?:
Before 31.12.2019:
1. the Sender should arrange a money transfer of no less than 50$ (or equivalent) from the MoneyPolo branches in the Czech Republic to you (the Recipient in Ukraine)
2. You (the Recepient) should get a money transfer to your Visa Card within PrivatBank
3. Use this card for purchases (each from 50 UAH) at least three times

More info here.

Fast and cheap money transfers to all bank cards of Ukraine.

Price from 2.2% (PrivatBank, Oschadbank, Ukreximbank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Ukrgasbank and all the others)

Instant crediting in EUR currency and Ukrainian hryvnia every day, including holidays and weekends

Detailed information in all branches of MoneyPolo

International Cash Transfers

Perfect solution for transfers to Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Germany.

Cost-efficient: fees start at 2.4%.

Fast: transfers are ready for payout in 15 minutes.

Transparent: no hidden fees.

Multilingual support.

Extensive branch network supported by partner money transfer systems.

How to send money:

Choose the nearest branch from the list below.
Visit the office with your passport and recipient’s details.

How to receive money:

Take your passport and visit the branch to receive your money. All you need is the transfer number.

In order to perform a cash transfer, the sender is required to provide an ID document, specify the required recipient's information, amount and currency. View the locations in our database to find the most suitable cash transfer office near you.

The transactions are processed within business hours. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime: +420 246 093 204

Send money from one of the numerous branches in the Czech Republic. The recipient only needs to visit the provider's office to collect cash.